Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The 2nd International research Conference on Business Marketing and Economics

Business Marketing

Research Philosophy and Practice
Sustainable Marketing & Strategies
Marketing Management
Research Marketing
Research Marketing Strategy
Strategic Brand Management
Advertising, Sales Promotion and Public relations
Rural Marketing
Industrial Marketing
Direct ad Event Marketing
Digital Marketing
Services Marketing
International Marketing Management
Strategic Business Sustainability
Integrated Marketing Communications
Consumer Behaviour
Marketing Channels & Strategic Sales Force Management
Marketing Perspectives
Branding & Brand Equality
Export Marketing Strategy & Performance
Green Marketing & Advertising


International Business Ethics
Business and Economics
International Business Law
International Business Context
Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability
International Trade & Investment
Business and Sustainable Development
Climate Change: Causes and Impacts on International Business & their Strategy
E-Business and E-Commerce
Business Economics and Management Science
Corporate Finance and Governance
Finance and Investment including Foreign Direct Investment
The Entrepreneurial Challenge
International Mergers & Acquisitions
Internationalisation of Developing Country Firms - MNEs
Business History
Enterprise & its Environment
Enterprise Concepts & Issues
Company Law
Social Context of Markets